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The companies benefit through billions of dollars in sales every year.

All parties involved are more than happy to keep the secret on the down-low as much as possible. The single biggest indicator whether someone is on steroids or not is this: Is he making money from his physique and/or sponsored by drug companies to promote their products?

Just don't fall into the trap of believing everything people say or thinking you have to buy that new supplement to look like that guy on the magazine cover.

Nor am I judging steroids as "good" or "bad." It is what it is.

We don’t understand why he takes it upon himself to sign up an account to not just two sites, but over 35 site where he can bully people for being gay.

The truth is 99%+ of the bodybuilders and fitness models you see plastered over magazines or with huge followings on Instagram are on drugs.

If yes, there is a very high chance he's on steroids.

Additionally, here are a few physical indicators of someone on steroids: If you still can't judge whether someone's on gear from the above criteria, simply compare his stats to another steroid user. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime was 6'2, 235lbs, 5-7% bodyfat.

Fitness models have to claim they're natural because it's in their best self-interest to do so.

They get paid by supplement companies to promote products to their fans, who mistakenly believe they can attain the same physiques as their idols naturally just by taking a few scoops of the new and improved product.

They may claim they're 100% natural, but that's because they have to.

Christian Boeving was a reputable bodybuilder and supplement spokesperson, but as soon as he admitted he took steroids, the supplement company fired him.

“This D List TV actor (not from MTV) claims to be a supporter of gay rights but allegedly goes on gay dating sites and bullies everyone on there.

He leaves hateful posts, slurs, and threats and has been banned from at least two very well known sites.


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